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General Rules and Regulations

This policy pertains to children, young adults, and adults. Parents or guardians are solely responsible for the actions of their children on Library premises, whether or not a caretaker attends those children. Children under the age of 10 cannot be in the Library without the supervision of a parent, guardian, or caretaker at least 18 years of age. Library staff cannot, and will not, serve as caretakers. Library Staff cannot protect, monitor, or be held responsible for unattended children, adults needing care, or personal belongings. The Library is not responsible for items that are lost, stolen, or damaged on Library premises.

The mission of the Derby Neck Library is to serve patrons who wish to use the library’s services and premises. Library patrons have the right to use library services and materials without being disturbed or impeded by other library users. Library staff members have the right and obligation to conduct library business efficiently and without interference. Patrons and staff alike have the right to safety and comfort in the library.

Any conduct which disrupts the library is prohibited. Examples of such conduct which may lead to denial of library privileges include but are not limited to the following:

  • Violating any federal, state, local, or other applicable law or Library policy.
  • Harassing or threatening behavior towards staff or other patrons;
  • Using obscene or abusive language or gestures;
  • Making unreasonable noise, including, but not limited to loud talking or banging on computer keyboards;
  • Carrying a knife, gun, or any other weapon (except law enforcement officers);
  • Fighting or challenging to fight, running, pushing, shoving, or throwing objects;
  • Smoking, chewing, and other tobacco use on Library premises;
  • Eating or drinking except in designated areas;
  • Littering;
  • Possessing, using, or being under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs;
  • Sleeping in the Library;
  • Blocking entrances, exits, or walkways;
  • Loitering on Library premises;
  • Entering nonpublic areas;
  • Making unreasonable use of the rest rooms, including laundering clothes and bathing;
  • Soliciting, petitioning, panhandling, or conducting surveys without the Head Librarian’s permission;
  • Selling any goods or services not authorized by the Head Librarian;
  • Using bicycles, skates, skateboards, scooters, or any such items on Library premises;
  • Bringing in an animal, unless it is assisting a person with a disability or is part of a Library-sanctioned program;
  • Using audible devices without headphones or with headphones set at a volume that disturbs others;
  • Damaging, defacing, stealing, or misusing any Library materials or property, including disabling Library equipment, changing the hardware/software settings on a Library computer;
  • Failing to wear proper attire, including shoes and shirts;
  • Not maintaining an acceptable standard of personal hygiene;
  • Disregarding posted computer rules;
  • Disregarding posted opening and closing times.


Library staff may:

  • Inspect all Library materials, backpacks, oversized handbags, overcoats, luggage, shopping bags and packages;
  • Report repeated disruptive behavior to parents in the case of children, and notify the Police immediately of unlawful or threatening activities;
  • Require anyone who engages in disruptive behavior to leave the premises. Anyone asked to leave the library is not allowed to loiter in the vestibules, on the front/side stairs, rear courtyard, garden, parking lot or lawn areas;
  • Restrict Library privileges of disruptive individuals for a specified period of time;
  • Ban disruptive individuals from Library premises for a specified period of time or permanently.