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DIY Zone Policies

The Derby Neck Library is proud to offer the DIY Zone, a public makerspace area for Derby Neck Library patrons ages 14 and older to explore new tools, techniques, and avenues of creation and expression. The following is a list of policies that apply to the use of the DIY Zone. As several of the machines and tools have sharp components and may require specific training or skills, all patrons who wish to use the materials, furniture, devices, or space in the DIY Zone must have a completed and signed copy of this policy on file, which can be downloaded here. Failure to abide by this policy, our General Rules and Regulations, or our Computer Use Policy will result in the suspension or loss of DIY Zone and/or Library privileges.

General Usage

  1. Patrons must show their library card at the Circulation Desk before entering the DIY Zone.
  2. Usage is first-come-first served.
    • If there are multiple patrons attempting to use the space at one time, staff may ask patrons to limit their use to one section or to a period of 30 minutes.
  3. Patrons must clean up after themselves regardless of which section they are using, including but not limited to:
    • Disposing of trash, including paper or fabric scraps
    • Replacing caps on markers, pens, and stamp pads
    • Wiping down tables or cleaning up any residue from glue, tape, or paint
    • Turning off machines and returning power cables to the front desk
  4. Patrons must familiarize themselves with any additional clean-up procedures and usage guidelines as listed in the DIY Zone Reference Binder.
  5. The patron assumes liability for any damage to the DIY Zone machines or tools caused by improper use.


  1. The machines and tools in the DIY Zone are intended to create objects for personal use, not commercial resale or bulk production.
    • Library staff are happy to help research various printing companies or resources that are better suited for these types of projects.
  2. Patrons cannot use the machines or tools in the DIY Zone to create any objects or projects which are:
    • Prohibited by local, state, or federal law
    • Unsafe, dangerous, or harmful to the patron or others
    • Obscene or otherwise inappropriate for a library setting
    • Protected by copyright, patent, trademark, or which are otherwise protected as intellectual property


  1. Patrons are required to use only the DIY Zone machines and materials which are within their skill level.
    • If a patron does not know how to use one of the machines, they must attend one of the library’s scheduled training programs or schedule time with a member of the Adult Services Department for training.
  2. Patrons must wear attire that is suitable for the activities they are engaged in when using any section of the DIY Zone.
    • Long hair and dangling jewelry, scarves, ties, or accessories must be secured to avoid tangling in any machines.
    • Protective eyewear must be worn when using any machine or tool that has the potential to cause small pieces to fly if broken, including the sewing machine.
  3. Failure to use the DIY Zone machines or tools properly may result in injury.
    • Any injury or accident that occurs in the DIY Zone must be reported to a staff member immediately.


The library is not responsible for any injury that results from use or misuse of any tool or machine in the DIY Zone.